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Summer Volleyball Series

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Update (Feb. 17): Our 2021 Summer Series (basketball and volleyball), MYAS Freshman Showcase (basketball), and all our 2021-22 fall and winter events (basketball and volleyball) are all posted on their respective pages! Like you, we're ready for a return to normalcy!

Summer Series information

Rules - coach's checklist

  • Coach check-in/arrival time is no later than one hour before the start of the first match.
  • The Summer Series uses NFHS/High School rules (not USAV).
  • Insurance waivers MUST be completed and submitted before teams are permitted to play.
  • Uniforms are not required. Substitutions and libero play will be on the honor system. All teams are encouraged to wear the same color with the libero wearing a different color. Please contact us if this is an issue.  
  • Athletic trainer is on site.
  • High school coaches ARE allowed to coach their teams, as it is within the allowed summer contact period.
  • Teams must provide one line judge for their matches.
  • No outside food and drink is allowed within the facilities. It may be purchased at the on-site concession areas. No coolers allowed.
  • Matches are 3 set (no best-of) to 25-25-25 no cap. Teams WILL NOT switch sides during the match at any point.
  • The team listed on the top of the bracket is the home team.
  • Warm-up balls are NOT provided, please bring your own balls.

Warm up time

  • Four (4) minutes for visiting team
  • Four (4) minutes for home team
  • Two (2) minutes shared serving

Tie-break criteria

In the event of a two way tie, the tie-breaker is the winner of the head to head match.

In the event of a three way tie (same match results), the tie-breaker steps are as follows:

  1. % of sets played that were won (2-1, 2-0, 1-2 = 5 wins in 8 sets or 62.5%)
  2. Point differential (points won minus points lost for the entire pool)

In a 3 way tie, if a team is eliminated based on the first criteria, the steps do not start over.


Greg Sayuk

Volleyball questions

Phone: 952-220-1373


IMPORTANT: Please turn in insurance waivers at each tournament during the check-in process. Please don't email or mail.