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Summer Basketball Series

Breaking News

Update (June 15): Our event at Concordia-St. Paul for tomorrow (Wednesday, June 16) has been cancelled due to unplayable court conditions. Jefferson location will be played as scheduled.

At all 2021 summer Breakdown events, spectators are welcome with no restrictions.  Masks are encouraged if not vaccinated, but not required.  

Summer Series information

Breakdown Game Rules

  • 20-minute running time first half
  • 20-minute running time second half, except during the last two minutes if the score difference is 15 points or less (then stop time)
  • Three (3) timeouts per team per game
  • Halftime will be 3 minutes
  • Foul rules are the same as high school. Seven (7) for the bonus, ten (10) for the double bonus.
  • Players are permitted five (5) fouls before fouling out.
  • Free Throw Rule (New) Players will shoot 1 FT for 2 or 3 points (Bonus and Shooting fouls) during the running time portion.  Under 2 minutes (Stop time), then players will shoot the normal 2 shots or one and one free throws.  A player fouled on a made basket will shoot 1 shot.
  • Overtime will be sudden death.  The first team to score two points will be the winner.  Clock will be turned off.  Each team will get One Timeout.
  • One (1) technical foul for player or coach; One shot for two points and the ball taken out of bounds.
  • Two (2) technical fouls in same game for player or coach; disqualified for the rest of the day and One shot for two points and the ball taken out of bounds.

Free Throw Rule

A player shoots one free throw for 2 or 3 points on all shooting fouls.  Common fouls will be taken out of bounds unless the team has reached 7 team fouls or the 10 fouls for the double bonus.  Then the player will shoot one free throw for 2 points.  A player fouled on a made basket will shoot one free throw.

The last two minutes of the game in regulation or in overtime, all free throws will go back to normal 1,2 or 3 shots depending on the situation.

Coaches Checklist

  • All waiver forms must be signed and turned into the TEAM CHECK IN the day of the tourney (the form is online).
  • Waiver forms only need to be filled out/submitted once for each player, regardless of the number of tournaments played.
  • Bring reversible practice jerseys.  Numbers must be on the back.
  • Please bring your own basketballs.
  • Each coach will enter the player jersey numbers before each game to scorer's table.
  • Forms are at each scorer's table.
  • Bring your own medical kits. A trainer is on duty, but will not provide medical tape or equipment.
  • Please refrain from bringing coolers and food. Concessions are available and run by host site.



IMPORTANT: Please turn in insurance waivers at each tournament during the check-in process. Please don't email or mail.