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Girls Invitational results

By Breakdown Staff, 12/05/17, 9:30AM CST


Dec. 9: Check back for results as they happen from Minnetonka HS!

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Main Court

New Prague 78 Andover 74 (OT)

When Emily Russo first burst on the scene a couple of years ago, it was her size, strength, power and rebounding that immediately made her a big-time prospect. Her scoring, on the other hand, was always a question mark. On Saturday afternoon at the Breakdown Invitational in Minnetonka, Russo answered those questions loudly and clearly, scoring a whopping 31 points to lead her New Prague Trojans to a 78-74 overtime victory against Andover. Russo was a force on the boards and a scoring machine when the Trojans needed her the most. The result was New Prague's first win of the year after starting the season a disappointing 0-5.

Andover sophomore Sydney White has always been a scorer. After getting her feet wet during last year's freshman campaign, White served notice Saturday that her time may have come, as well. White scored and scored and scored again in just about every way you'd care to name. It all added up to 27 points, not quite enough for a win but plenty enough to serve notice that she has arrived as an offensive threat at the varsity level. That was important for the Huskies, who were missing Destiny Cummings, their most reliable offensive weapon.

The game featured a series of runs, as one team gained a spurt of momentum and then the other would counter with a burst of their own. It all came down to a frantic final minute of regulation and an equally frenetic final minute of overtime. In regulation, Andover trailed by 4 entering the last minute before senior center Lizzy Karp slipped the ball over the rim from close proximity with just one second remaining to force the extra period. The teams traded baskets in overtime before New Prague took the lead for good with a 3-pointer from the corner by senior Emily Schmitz. Then it was up to sophomore Amanda Giesen to make some free throws on three separate occasions. She missed the first three before making the last three, enabling the Trojans to hang on for the four-point win.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Emily Russo, New Prague


New Prague 31-37-10--78
Andover 31-37-6--74

New Prague: Emily Russo 31, McKenzie Holgate 18, Emily Schmitz 15, Amanda Giezen 7, Brooke Buthe 3, Izzy Blanchard 2, Sally Traxler 2
Andover: Sydney White 27, Emily Diemer 16, Emily Schildhauer 12, Lizzy Karp 11, Alexa Garcia 7, Adreiana Matzek 1

New Prague's Emily Russo (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Waseca 73 St. Paul Como Park 65

You can forgive the Como Park Cougars if they were a little sleepy-eyed during the opening moments of their Breakdown Invitational game Saturday morning with the Waseca Bluejays. After all, they were up really late Friday – likely well past the usual bedtime of the five junior high kids who play a ton of minutes for Como – after a 20-point loss to powerhouse Mahtomedi. The game was a foul-fest that took nearly three hours to play and featured 80 free throws! Waseca, on the other hand, needed no dose of 5-Hour Energy to get ready for this one. They brought plenty of zip to their Saturday brunch to go with ample speed, skill and ability to execute coach Joan Conway's offense with precision. The end result was a 73-65 win for Waseca as the Bluejays ran their early season record to an impressive 6-1.

Although Como's youngsters have been drawing notice – 8th graders KK Asberry and Ronnie Porter, and 7th grader Shania Van Nett in particular – the spotlight on this day belonged to Waseca guard Gus Boyer, a fast-rising star in the Class of 2020. Boyer is a highly-skilled floor leader who is the very definition of grace under pressure. She's got range, moves the ball with authority, and can break down defenders with alarming regularity. Boyer did all of that and more against Como Park, scoring 19 points in the process. Her partners in crime on this day were junior Madison Gehloff with 17 and forward Rachel Breck who had 19.

Como tried valiantly to make a game of it in the second half, drawing within 7 points midway through the period, and then offering one final burst in the game's closing 90 seconds. Makayla Van Nett, one of the state's absolute best from distance, made five 3-pointers for St. Paul. It wasn't enough, as Waseca's defensive structure and intensity, and their ability to cash in at the free throw line, was more than enough to overcome Como's physicality and speed. Como's youngsters are pretty good; Waseca's whole package is better.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Gus Boyer, Waseca


Como Park 30-35--65
Waseca 40-33-73

Como Park: Makayla Van Nett 24, Raiyne Adams 16, Jada James 9, Ronnie Porter 8, Shania Van Nett 5, Donnikka Patterson 2, Shakyla Walker 1
Waseca: Gus Boyer 19, Rachel Breck 19, Madison Gehloff 17, Hannah Potter 10, Brianna Highum 4, Taylor Hiller 4

Waseca's Gus Boyer (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Watertown-Mayer 49 Byron 41

That creepy old television show "Land of the Giants" went off the air nearly 40 years ago, but it was back in prime time Saturday afternoon in Minnetonka, and this was no work of B-grade science fiction. The battle was real as giant posts Monika Czinano and Yokie Lee went toe to toe at the Breakdown Invitational. The 6'2" Czinano of Watertown-Mayer and the 6'6" Lee of Byron matched strength for strength, power for power, and size for size as they banged their way through 36 minutes of black and blue. In the end, the two giants basically nullified each other's presence, leaving the game largely in the hands of the little people.

On this day, Watertown-Mayer had the edge, especially on defense. Czinano scored twice in the final minute of the first half to stake the Royals to a 26-17 lead at the break. The second half was tight as Watertown led 41-39 with under five minutes left. That's when the Royals threw away the keys to the drawbridge and locked the castle up tight, allowing Bryon just one more basket all the way home. The Bears missed on a trio of open-look threes and a pair of jumpers but could do no more as Watertown-Mayer departed with a 49-41 victory.

As Lee and Czinano went searching for some ice bags, they were no doubt aware this would not be the last meeting of the massive. Next fall, Czinano will wear the black and gold of the Big 10 Iowa Hawkeyes, while Lee suits up for Kansas State of the Big 12.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Monika Czinano, Watertown-Mayer


Byron 17-24--41
Watertown-Mayer 26-23--49

Byron:  Yokie Lee 13, Lexi Glynn 8, Allison Connelly 8, Josie Bisgard 6, Hailey Braaten 4, Erika Smith 2
Watertown-Mayer: Monica Czinano 20, Maggie Czinano 11, Elizabeth Heilmen 8, Grace Knutson 4, Emma Ragner 2, Shelby Mueller 2, Emma Maas 2

Watertown-Mayer's Monika Czinano (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Mt. Iron-Buhl 67 Lac qui Parle Valley 57

Size matters, just not so much in small-school ball. That was evident Saturday afternoon at the Breakdown Invitational in Minnetonka as two of the best 1A programs in the state – Lac qui Parle Valley and Mountain Iron-Buhl – met on the big stage at a big school. The Eagles of LPQV have little guards. Lots of little guards, who all look they rolled off an assembly line at Santa's toy factory.

The best of the bunch is super senior Kelsea Lund, a scholarship-level talent who stands all of 5-foot-three. Then there's sophomore Sidney Gerdes, a dynamo also measuring 5'3" who runs and handles the ball almost exactly like Lund. Add to the mix 5'3" junior Haley Wollschlager and 5'4" junior Isabel Schirm and you can see where we're going with this. No wonder they work so hard to get the ball inside to 6-foot junior Grace Hegland.

One glance down the Mountain Iron-Buhl roster and it becomes obvious they don't have much vertical either. Among the 14 players listed for the Rangers, there is a 5-footer, one player at 5'3", three at 5'5" and three at 5'6" C'mon, are there no protein shakes up that way? I guess that's what makes MIB's two bigs that much more noticeable, and why 5'11" forward Mary Burke and 5'10" forward Allie Negen may be the most important Rangers of all. They definitely were on Saturday as Negen and Burke used their advantage to advantage, combining for 31 points, a ton of rebounds and a whole lot of success.

MIB started slowly before going on a healthy run later in the first half. That took the Rangers from four down to five ahead at the break. In the second, Burke and Negen began to assert their dominance, a spurt launched when Burke scored on consecutive steal-and-score plays. The Rangers' usual defensive excellence also kicked in with LQPV limited to long bombs for the most part. That enabled MIB to stretch their margin to 10, fend off a comeback, and head north with a 67-57 win.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Mary Burke, Mountain Iron-Buhl


Lac qui Parle Valley 24-33--57
Mt. Iron-Buhl 29-38--67

Lac qui Parle Valley: Kelsea Lund 19, Grace Hegland 8, Lindsay Kranz 10, Sidney Gerdes 6, Haley Wollschlager 6, Macie Lund 5, Isabel Schirm 3
Mt. Iron-Buhl: Mary Burke 23, Macy Savela 16, Madisen Overbye 9, Allie Negen 8, Mattison Bennett 5, Jacie Kvas 6

Mt. Iron-Buhl's Mary Burke (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Hopkins 67 Iowa City West 48

The good folks of Iowa can certainly lay claim to Floyd of Rosedale, but they don't have Paige of Ridgedale. As any good girl's basketball fan in Minnesota will tell you, a prodigy in blue is much more valuable than old football trophy in rust. That prodigy proved it again on Saturday in the marquee game at the Breakdown Invitational in Minnetonka, as Paige Bueckers of Hopkins scored 27 points to lead the Royals to a 67-48 win over Iowa City West, the #1 team in the Hawkeye State.

Hopkins scored early and often, flying out of the gate to a 9-0 lead that soon became 17-2 and more. The Royals used their superior speed and athleticism to overwhelm the visitors, employing an aggressive trap and pressing hard. After a less-than-impressive defensive showing at last Saturday's Breakdown Tip Off, this was vintage Hopkins. It resulted, as it often does for Royals' opponents, in a slew of turnovers and poor decisions. It also produced fouls. Lots of fouls. The Iowa faithful may have been raining boos down on the men and women in stripes but their ire was ill-placed. This was about wheels, not whistles.

Bueckers was superb, scoring on long bombs, floaters, drives to the basket and, every so often, a straight-up jump shot. The Trojans didn't have anyone who could stay with her. But she wasn't the only Royal putting on a show. Transfer Kira Mosley from Eden Prairie had an outstanding game, knocking down shots from distance for 10 points. Jaide Pressley played big minutes, particularly in the second half, and did the job at both ends of the floor. Angie Hammond scored on some nice put-backs and was a force on the boards. In other words it was a complete performance that kept the Royals' record unblemished.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Paige Bueckers, Hopkins


Iowa City West 19-29--48
Hopkins 40-27--67

Iowa City West: Logan Cook 10, Audrey Koch 8, Emma Koch 7, Paige Beckner 7, Cailyn Morgan 5, Maytayia Tellis 4, Lauren Zacharias 4, Carrie Callahan 3
Hopkins: Paige Bueckers 27, Kira Mosley 10, Angie Hammond 8, Jaide Presley 7, Dlayla Chakolis 6, Kayhla Adams 5, Raena Suggs 2, Amaya Battle 2

Hopkins' Paige Bueckers (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Apple Valley 54 Minnetonka 51

It's a Saturday night in early December, and the state tournament is months away. How important can it possibly be? For the Eagles from Apple Valley, it was really important, as they came up with a solid performance, shook off an 0-3 start and finally got a win for their new coach. To beat the Minnetonka Skippers 54-51 on their home floor made it that much sweeter. Apple Valley rode the coattails of 6'2" senior Brynne Rolland, who scored 28 points to help new coach Bryan Doughty capture his first W.

The first half was mostly Minnetonka as the Skippers, sparked by a pair of Katey Brattland threes, built a nine-point lead by the break. In fact, Apple Valley did not lead until there were just two minutes left on the clock. That's when junior Megan Baer buried a long three to give the Eagles a 49-48 edge. The final two minutes were a flurry of free throws and time outs and down-and-dirty defense as Apple Valley scratched and clawed its way to a 5-point lead, before Megan Walker nailed a three with 5.6 seconds left to cut the margin to two. An intentional foul put Apple Valley's Chyna Young at the line, where she made one of two. That left a last-gasp opportunity for Walker to jack up a desperation shot from mid-court that nearly sent the game to overtime. Whew!

Walker was a warrior for Minnetonka, doing everything possible to will her team to victory. Apple Valley hassled her all night long, playing hard-nosed, physical defense and being up in her kitchen at every opportunity. It was enough to hold the Lehigh commit to 20 points and sneak out of the gym with a well-earned win.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Brynne Rolland, Apple Valley


Apple Valley 24-30--54
Minnetonka 33-18--51

Apple Valley: Brynne Rolland 28, Mykel Parham 8, Magan Baer 7, Molly Moynihan 5, Chyna Young 4, Kalena Myers 2
Minnetonka: Megan Walker 20, Kayla Mershon 12, Blake Greer 10, Katey Brattland 6, Zoe Hardwick 2, Katie Leisen 1

Apple Valley's Brynne Rolland (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Kasson-Mantorville 69 Orono 63

Welcome to "The Hangover Part IV." As if the first three versions weren't awful enough, the hooping girls of Kasson-Mantorville and Orono are living through a nightmarish fourth. That's how it must feel when the core of your championship-caliber team heads off to college, including an all-everything leader who was the go-to girl for several seasons. Well that's the unenviable spot where both K-M and Orono find themselves now as the Spartans' Tori Andrew now plies her trade at Yale and the Ko-Mets' Kristin Scott lights it up at Iowa State. Orono's 3A state championship is but a distant memory, and all you can do is make do. The two teams entered the contest with a combined win-loss record of 2-7. When it was over, the Ko-Mets had win number two thanks to a 69-63 victory.

Kasson led by 14 at the half, but Orono found something in the second period thanks largely to the play of D1-bound Madeline Loder. By the mid-way point, the game was tied at 52. Down the stretch, the Ko-Mets won it at the line, making 10 straight by my count. That enabled them to rebuild the lead as large as seven before fending off any last-minute heroics.

A work of art it was not. Point guard Bailey Berge did what she could to orchestrate the offense for Kasson-Mantorville, and at times they did some nice work in combination with big freshman post Mya Suess, who had 21 points. Their more polished performance, however, was on the other side of the ball. It's not easy to stop Loder, the one big holdover from the title-winning team. She has accounted for the vast majority of the Spartans offense so far this season, and it was true again on this night. But K-M did just enough to keep things in check. By game's end, Loder had 24 points but K-M  had a W. When you're trying to shake off the cobwebs of the night before, that's always the best medicine.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Mya Suess, Kasson-Mantorville


Orono 25-38--63
Kasson-Mantorville 39-30--69

Orono: Madeline Loder 24, Kristin Van Buren 8, Amelia Singleton 8, Anna Hughes 6, Gabby Germanson 6, Natalie Brekken 4, Alayna Eichstadt 3, Elle Johnson 2, Julie Rorendahl 2
Kasson-Mantorville: Mya Seuss 21, Meredith Wright 15, Bailey Berge 11, Devyn Borgstrom 10, Lexie Worden 10, Lexi Husebeck 2

Kasson-Mantorville's Mya Suess (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Edina 50 Rosemount 47

When it comes to the luck of the Irish, there simply hasn't been much of it thus far in the season – at least not for the Irish of Rosemount, who entered Saturday night's encounter at the Breakdown Invitational winless in five attempts. This shouldn't be surprising, given the departure of long-bomber Maddy Olson to the college ranks, and a lineup pock-marked with youth. When the game was on the line, Rosemount had two 8th-graders, one freshman, and two sophomores on the floor hanging on for dear life. They survived all the way into overtime before the cloverleaf wilted and the Irish were done. Matt Nilsen's Edina Hornets, who seem to specialize in low-scoring nail-biters, did it once again, this time escaping with a 50-47 win in overtime.

Rosemount got out of the gate quickly before the Hornets found their footing about halfway through the opening period. By halftime it was a two-point lead for Edina. In the second, the teams traded baskets throughout as 8th graders Anna Tauer and Alexa Ratzlaff came off the bench in an impactful way for Rosemount. The Irish were ahead by 2 with under two minutes remaining when Jane Korsh drained a pair of timely free throws to tie it at 44. Rosemount had the ball at the end with an opportunity to score when Edina's Molly McHugh (that wouldn't be an Irish name would it?) forced a turnover that led to overtime. In the extra period, Macy Nilsen and Lauren Oyalo each hit a pair of free throws in the final 40 seconds to give Edina the lead before Taylor Janssen's last gasp three-point attempt bounced off the rim and out. The win was Edina's fourth of the season while the Irish are winless in six.

— Grant McGinnis

Player of the Game:

Olivia Coughlin, Edina


Edina   24-20-6--50
Rosemount  22-22-3--47

Edina: Macy Nilsen 14, Olivia Coughlin 14, Lauren Oyalo 11, Jane Korth 5, Molly McHugh 4, Josie Kamara 2
Rosemount: Larisa O'Neil 13, Taylor Janssen 13, Helen Staley 11, Grace Willmott 5, Alexa Ratzlaff 5

Edina's Olivia Coughlin (Breakdown Player of the Game)

East Court

Park of Cottage Grove Rogers

Park put a 21-4 run on Rogers late in the first half to expand a 16-15 lead to 37-19. By halftime it was 41-21. Taylor Johnson led the first half onslaught for Park with 4 3-pointers and 16 points. Riley Perryman added 12.

Park was simply a more solid team and a quicker team on defense and was able to contest many  of Rogers shots . Park, meanwhile, moved the ball effectively on offense and got a lot of open looks, at least in the first half. 

The second half was pretty even as Park worked on some different offensive sets, according to coach Stephanie Tolkien, but Rogers was never able to mount any kind of charge. And Park was playing without starting guard Molly Wenner, who had her appendix out. 

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Riley Perryman, Park


Rogers 21-24-45
Park 41-21--62

Rogers: Alaina Brenning 14 Sam Orth 8 Raven Schwieters 8 Ashley Hanauska 6 Ellie Buzzelle 5 Caitlin Ruckle 4

Park: Taylor Johnson 17 Riley Perryman 17 Delaney Young 11 Chloe Venegas 7 Megan Fabeck 5 Saren Croker 3 Hannah Schluetter 2

Park of Cottage Grove's Riley Perryman (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Hayfield vs. Mayer Lutheran

Two great volleyball teams met in the second game on the east court at the Breakdown Invitational at Minnetonka. Hayfield lost to Bethlehem Academy in the section while Mayer Lutheran defeated Bethlehem in the state final. Sure enough, Mayer Lutheran looked more athletic with a bunch of great leapers...but they couldn't get the ball to go in the basket.

Meanwhile, Hayfield shot the ball very well from long range, from mid-range and some layups in transition. They broke away from a 23-20 late in the first half as Olivia Matti hit three 3-pointers and a 2 off a steal and, at 13 minutes of the second half it was 44-29. Matti finished with 19 points, and the final score was 66-51 Hayfield.

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Olivia Matti, Hayfield


Hayfield 31-35--66
Mayer Lutheran 25-26--51

Hayfield: Olivia Matti 19 Maggie Streightiff 16 Carrie Rutledge 13 Kate Kruger 8 Elecia Brown 6 Abby Stasko 4

Mayer Lutheran: Maddy Hucky 14 Mya Chmielewski 10 Olivia Tjernagel 8 Sophie Heuer 4 Simone Jopp 4 Brooke Paulsrud 4 Anna Wachholz 3 Paige Stahnke 2 Anna Karels 2

Hayfield's Olivia Matti (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Hutchinson 78 St. Anthony Village 46

When the captains came out before the game, Hutchinson appeared to have about 6 inches per person over the captains from St. Anthony and, unfortunately for the Huskies, that proved to be the story of the game. Hutch was bigger and stronger and overpowered St. Anthony on defense, on the boards, on the floor and pulled out to a 38-17 halftime lead and ultimately to a 78-46 win.

Emma Olberg and Kenzie Rensch hit a pair of three-pointers for a quick 6-0 Hutch lead and the Tigers never looked back. Rensch finished with 15 points for Hutch while Gabby Hahn scored 14. Junior guard Audrey Stumpf got hot from long range in the second half for St. Anthony and ended up leading all scorers with 18.

— Byline

Player of the Game:

Kenzie Rensch, Hutchinson


Hutchinson 38-40--78
St. Anthony Village 17-29--46

Hutchinson: Kenzie Rensch 15 Gabby Hahn 14 Michaela Stamer 8 Liz Lansink 8 Emma Olberg 8 Morgan Ellis 6 Elizabeth Wortz 5 Abby Starke 5 Ragen Vilt 3 Anika Ellefson 2 Macee McGill 2 Breanna Wright 2

St. Anthony Village: Audrey Stumpf 18 Amelia Zmuda 11 Sam ebbet 8 Olivia Grosz 3 Jessica Goldsmith 2 Monique Walker 2 Ella Bergquist 2

Robbinsdale Cooper 52 DeLaSalle 48

Cooper and DeLaSalle went down to the wire but neither team was able to score in the final 4 minutes, and Cooper held on to win 52-48. Kierra Wheeler was an absolute force all game long with 21 points, 18 rebounds, 2 blocks and assist and a game-ending steal. Cooper outscored the Islanders off the glass 15-3, mostly thanks to Wheeler's 8 offensive boards.

DeLaSalle used a 13-0 run to take a 23-15 lead but Cooper roared back to lead 35-33 at the half. Cooper held the lead until Alexis Cochrane-Starr hit a 3 for a 48-46 DeLaSalle lead but the Islanders didn't score again in the game's final 7:30.

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Kierra Wheeler, Cooper


DeLaSalle 33-15-48
Cooper 35-17-52

DeLaSalle: Olivia Travis 9 Alexis Cochrane-Starr 9 Elaina Jones 8 Nora Francois 7 Mary Claire Francois 6 Ayanna Gardner 6 Nurjei Weems 3

Cooper: Kierra Wheeler 21 Ty Longs 7 Ja'Hyia Gaston 7 Aja Wheeler 6 Andrea Tribble 4 Jada Buford 4 Kiara Coops 3

Robbinsdale Cooper's Kierra Wheeler (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Moorhead vs. White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake outscored Sam Haiby Saturday at the Breakdown Invitational but Haiby's Moorhead teammates Ayana Blythe and Jalen Ennen added 8 points between them for a final score of Moorhead 54 White Bear Lake 49. That's right, Sam Haiby scored 46 points--her third 40 point game of the year--to lead the Spuds to the win.

A sloppy first half ended with Moorhead leading 16-14. White Bear started hitting their 3-pointers to forge second half leads of 31-25 and 41-36 but Moorhead took a 44-43 lead at 2:45 on a steal and assist by Blythe to Haiby. White Bear went back ahead 45-44 but Haiby scored a 2-and-1 off a steal by Megan Haugo. Haiby addd here more buckets inside of one minute to close things out.

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Sam Haiby, Moorhead


Moorhead 16-38-54
White Bear Lake 14-35-49

Moorhead: Sam Haiby 46 Ayana Blythe 5 Jalen Ennen 3

White Bear Lake: Tessah Anderson 19 Courtney Crouch 14 Brianna Corey 6 Paige Nordstrom 6 Ella Janice 2 Victoria Adelbisi 1 Anna Sanders 1

Moorehead's Sam Haiby (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Rush City 46 Holy Family Catholic 42

Rush City held on to defeat Holy Family 46-42 despite scoring just 9 points in the final 12 minutes and just one in the final 3:30. Rush City won with an inspired half-court man-to-man defense that frustrated their long, skilled, athletic opponent. 

Rush City led 30-23 at the half and still led 40-31 at the 12 minute mark. Holy Family managed just one point in the next 8:20. But then Rush City managed just that one point in the final 3:30 and turned the ball over in 7 of their last 10 possessions to allow the Fire to get close at the final buzzer. Leigh Steiner of Holy Family led all scorers with 15 points while Elena Herberg scored 14 for Rush City.

— Byline

Player of the Game:


Elena Herberg, Rush City.


Rush City 30-16-46
Holy Family Catholic 23-19-42

Rush City: Elena Herberg 14 Shawna Mell 11 Kaylyn Bowen 10 Stephanie Braund 7 Katie McDonald 4

Holy Family Catholic: Leigh Steiner 15 Grace Conroy 10 Shea Thompson 9 Julia Geurs 4 Anna Vakulskas 3 Allie Jansen 2

Rush City's Elena Herberg (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Lyle/Austin Pacelli 64 Cromwell-Wright 53

Live by the 3. Die by the 3. That's what they say. Cromwell died by the 3 in the first half, falling behind Lyle/Pacelli's more diversified offense 38-16. Then in the second half, Teana Hakamaki made 6 3s and Cromwell roared back to within 58-51 with almost 5 minutes still to play. But then the 3s stopped dropping, and Lyle/Pacelli held on 64-53.

Cromwell couldn't stop Lyle Pacelli 6-5 center Kristi Fett who finished with 30 points. And, she got just enough support from senior guard Brooke Walter and others who scored from long range and also got to the rim. But Fett was clearly the player of the game.

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Kristi Fett, Lyle Pacelli


Cromwell 16-37-53
Lyle/Pacelli 38-26-64

Cromwell: Teana Hakamaki 24 Taya Hakamaki 15 Shailey Hakamaki 10 Amber Lehti 4

Lyle/Pacelli: Kristi Fett 30 Brooke Walter 13 Abigail Bollngberg 9 Kendal Truckenmiller 6 Olivia Christianson 2 Kayla Christopherson 2 Lucy Nelson 2


Lyle/Austin Pacelli's Kristi Fett (Breakdown Player of the Game)

Simley vs. Bloomington Kennedy

Kennedy and Simley closed play on the East Court at the Breakdown Invite with a hard-fought physical rivalry game that went into OT, no less. Zaraya March, Imani Sa'eed-el and Sam Husting made four free throws down the stretch and Kennedy survived 57-53. 

Kennedy roared out to first half leads of 26-11 and 28-14, but came to rue the inability to put away an opponent that was reeling. Smiley clawed back within 28-20 at the half.  Simley finally caught up at 43-all at 3:12 on a 3-pointer by Ravyn Miles. Every score thereafter either tied things up or exchanged the lead. The last of them in regulation was 2 feet throws by Imani Sa'eed-El to send it into OT>

— Marc Hugunin

Player of the Game:

Imani Sa'eed-El, Kennedy


Simley 20-27-6-53
Kennedy 28-19-10-57

Simley: Sydney Stensgard 15 Ravyn Miles 10 Tiwaah Danso 8 Guresi Mena 8 Bonita Franco 6 Kayla Anderson 2 Champ Danso 2 Nicole Gillerud 2
Kennedy: Sam Husting 19 Imani Sa'eed-El 16 Faraya March 12 Maleigha Singleton-Buchanan 8 Linnea Ziebol 2

Photo galleries

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2017 Girls' Invitational schedule

Court Time Away Home
Main 9:30 a.m. New Prague Andover
Main 11:00 a.m. St. Paul Como Park Waseca
Main 12:45 p.m. Byron Watertown-Mayer
Main 2:15 p.m. Lac qui Parle Valley Mt. Iron-Buhl
Main 3:45 p.m. Iowa City West (IA) Hopkins
Main 5:30 p.m. Apple Valley Minnetonka
Main 7:00 p.m. Orono Kasson-Mantorville
Main 8:30 p.m. Edina Rosemount
East 9:00 a.m. Rogers Park of Cottage Grove
East 10:30 a.m. Hayfield Mayer Lutheran
East 12:00 p.m. Hutchinson St. Anthony Village
East 1:45 p.m. DeLaSalle Robbinsdale Cooper
East 3:15 p.m. Moorhead White Bear Lake
East 4:45 p.m. Rush City Holy Family Catholic
East 6:30 p.m. Cromwell-Wright Lyle/Austin Pacelli
East 8:00 p.m. Simley Bloomington Kennedy

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